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Are you interested in understanding the extraordinary diversity seen in human culture, behavior, and biology? Do you wonder how different and/or shared human experiences affect our views of the world? Are you curious about your own origins, both in the recent and deep past? Anthropology, the study of humans, addresses these questions.

Courses offered by the Department of Anthropology span the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities to provide a broad understanding of human nature and diverse societies in the past and present. As a result, the Department of Anthropology enrolls more than 4,000 students in 50-60 undergraduate courses, and has approximately 350 undergraduate majors.

A listing of our course offerings can be found on the year long course offerings. Multiple courses offered by the department fulfill many CORE Education Requirements: Science Group (SC), Social Science Group (SSC), and Global Perspectives; and US: Difference, Inequality, Agency) requirements, as listed on the Course Descriptions page.

We offer three concentrations that coincide with the three subfields represented here in our department – archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Within each concentration students have the option to structure their curriculum around clusters of courses related to particular interests.

Want to meet Anthropology students at UO? Join the UO Undergraduate Anthropology Club!


Concentration in Archaeology

Concentration in Biological Anthropology

Concentration in Cultural Anthropology



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