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Anthropology is the study of humans, and at the University of Oregon we accomplish this through the integration of three distinct yet complementary subfields – archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Our department is dedicated to better understanding human cultural and biological origins and diversity through education and research. The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and to the advancement of knowledge through local, national, and international programs of research. As anthropologists, we are engaged in understanding recent and historical developments in the world at large, and we also seek to bring anthropological perspectives to bear on the problems of a modern global society. The department embraces a broad intellectual pluralism where different theoretical and methodological approaches are recognized and valued.

Inaugural annual lecture series commemorates the legacy of anthropologist and CSWS director Sandra Morgen

The Center for the Study of Women in Society’s (CSWS) Inaugural Acker-Morgen Memorial Lecture is on Monday, April 24, 2017 3:30-5pm in the Browsing Room, Knight Library. This lecture series commemorates the legacies of CSWS directors Sandra Morgen and Joan Acker. Speaking will be Professor Evelyn Nakano Glenn on “Settler Colonial Legacies: Racialized and Gendered U.S. Citizenship.”

2017 Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award

Each year, the Anthropology Department sponsors a writing competition for the Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award.  The winner receives an award letter and a small gift from the Department and his/her name is announced at graduation.  Below is the procedure for submitting a paper for consideration.

First, students must be Anthropology majors in any year of study (in other words, not necessarily seniors). If you have a paper you wish to have considered (you have written it, are writing it, or revising a paper you’ve already written), you need to meet with an Anthropology professor ...

2016-17 Anthropology Undergraduate Awards for Research or Conference Participation

Congrats to recipients of the 2016-17 Anthropology Undergraduate Awards for Research or Conference Participation! The following undergraduates were awarded $300 each for their research and conference presentations in Anthropology:

Mariah Bloom, research project titled  “Urinary hormones, aggression, and stress in ring-tailed lemurs, St. Catherine’s Island Georgia.”

India Brock, conference paper titled  “Crossing structure design and effectiveness for primate conservation.”

Samantha McGee, research project titled “Portrayals of Power: a post-colonial view of cultural transmission