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Anthropology is the study of humans, and at the University of Oregon we accomplish this through the integration of three distinct yet complementary subfields – archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology.

Our department is dedicated to better understanding human cultural and biological origins and diversity through education and research. The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and to the advancement of knowledge through local, national, and international programs of research. As anthropologists, we are engaged in understanding recent and historical developments in the world at large, and we also seek to bring anthropological perspectives to bear on the problems of a modern global society.

The department embraces a broad intellectual pluralism where different theoretical and methodological approaches are recognized and valued.

This department follows the University of Oregon mission statement values:

  • We value the passions, aspirations, individuality, and success of the students, faculty, and staff who work and learn here.
  • We value academic freedom, creative expression, and intellectual discourse.
  • We value our diversity and seek to foster equity and inclusion in a welcoming, safe, and respectful community.
  • We value the unique geography, history and culture of Oregon that shapes our identity and spirit.
  • We value our shared charge to steward resources sustainably and responsibly.
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Professor Leah Lowthrop published in Asian Ethnology

Professor Leah Lowthrop published in Asian Ethnology,


Claiming India’s Place within a Global Paradigm Shift

See full article here:

Congratulations 2020 Anthropology Graduates!

The 2020 Virtual Commencement ceremony takes place on Saturday, June 20

University Commencement Celebration

Live webcast 9:00–10:00 a.m. PDT

Commencement Speaker: Sabrina Ionescu

Honorary Degree Recipient: Philip H. Knight


UO Facebook Page UO YouTube Channel

School and College Ceremonies

Pre-recorded; links to be added prior to release: Released concurrently at 10:30 a.m. PDT (end time depends on the number of graduates)

Anthropology Department Congratulation Video:


Graduate Student Emily Masucci was awarded the SYLFF award for her dissertation research

Anthropology Graduate Student Emily Masucci has been awarded the Oregon SYLFF fellowship to conduct her dissertation research: “A Luta Continua: Gender-based Violence and the Politics of Justice and Care in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

Her research examines state and community models of gender-based violence intervention and prevention in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Specifically, it asks how marginalized survivors organize around differential access to formal (state) justice and care to achieve alternative forms of redress at the community level.


Congratulations Emily Masucci!