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Museum of Natural & Cultural History

The Museum of of Natural & Cultural History also maintains comparative faunal collections on campus, ranging from the UO Primate Comparative Collection (housed in Anthropology) to the Condon Collection, the Anthropological Collections Division, and the State Museum of Anthropology’s zooarchaeology laboratory. The museum has extensive collections of vertebrate and shellfish specimens from around the world, including extensive collections of birds, bird eggs, and much more.

The Archaeological Research Division of the MNCH, also known as the State Museum of Anthropology, houses a comparative faunal collection at the Museum’s Moss Street building. The zooarchaeological collection at Moss Street houses 950 reference specimens for 127 species of birds, 75 species of mammals, 14 species of fish, and 20 species of reptiles and amphibians. The collection emphasizes taxa from the interior portions of Oregon to complement the coastal emphasis of the Zooarchaeology Laboratory at 264 Condon Hall.

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