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Graduate Student Departmental Awards

The Department of Anthropology offers a number of awards to graduate students in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in our program. The departmental awards and prizes include the following: the Luther S. and Dorothy C. Cressman Prize Competition; the Malcolm McFee Memorial Endowment Award; the Pauline Wollenberg Juda Memorial Endowment Fund Award Competition; Health Education Award; and the Theodore Stern and Homer Barnett Fellowship. In addition, archaeology graduate students are eligible for the Cheryl L. Harper Fund Scholarship and biological anthropology PhD students are eligible for Thomas L. Johnston and Helene S. Johnston Scholarship funds (for more information on Thomas Johnston, click here). Each award carries a different prize, which may include support for conference participation, support for research, summer support, professional development funds, or opportunities to develop and teach your own course. Solicitations are made for each award via the departmental listserv at least two weeks before the application is due. See below for more information and speak with your advisor.


Luther S. and Dorothy C. Cressman Prize Competition


The Malcolm McFee Memorial Endowment Award


Pauline Wollenberg Juda Memorial Endowment Fund Award


Anthropological Health Education Department Fund Award


The Stern and Barnett (Graduate Teaching) Fellowships


Cheryl L. Harper Memorial Fund Scholarship


Beau DiNapoli’s research supported by the Cheryl L. Harper Memorial Scholarship

Beau DiNapoli's research supported by the Cheryl L. Harper Memorial ScholarshipTara Cepon: The role of social/economic change in parasite exposure and the development of autoimmune disorders among the Shuar forager-horticulturalists of Amazonia: An evolutionary medicine approach ($500)

Alese Colehour: The Ecology of Childbirth ($500)

Theresa Gildner: The Effects of Sex, Testosterone Level, and Market Integration on Intestinal Parasite Load in an Indigenous Ecuadorian Population ($500)

Noah Simons: Immunogenetics of Ugandan Red Colobus in Response to Retroviruses ($1000)

Melissa Liebert: The Shuar Health and Life History Project: The psychosocial stress response of children
from varying degrees of market integration in an indigenous lowland Ecuadorian population ($500)

Andrea Eller: Pace of dental eruption and epiphyseal fusion in captive Macaca mulatta ($500)
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