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Curious: Why People Try To Enter The U.S.

It is a common question during the ongoing immigration debate: why do people insist on trying to get into the United States, especially when the administration is making it harder?  The answer lies well beyond the U.S. border, in the countries people leave behind. Professor Lynn Stephen, University ...

Dr. Lynn Stephen published in The Globe Post

Professor, Dr. Stephen has been published in The Globe Post, talking about Trump’s plan to “indefinitely detain families” that try to seek asylum in the United States. Dr. Stephen talks about the consequences of these detention facilities on children’s mental and physical ...

Archaeologists develop a new picture of the human footprint

University of Oregon Archaeologists Dr. Erlandson, Dr. Fitzpatrick and Dr. Lee’s studies show that our planet has been drastically transformed by the presence of human communities. To read the full article on UO’s Archaeology research click here

Professor Madonna Moss presents at the Walter Soboleff Center

Dr. Madonna Moss, spoke about the Tlingit relationships with sea otters and whether Tlingit people consumed sea otters as food in the past. To read the full article about Dr. Madonna Moss’s research and the talk, click here

Dr. Johanna Richlin research published on “The “Economist”

Dr. Johanna Richlin was recently published in The Economist, discussing some of her most recent research. To read the full article click here. Congratulations Dr. Richlin!

Professor Scott M. Fitzpatrick featured in Around the “O”

Dr. Fitzpatrick and his archaeological work on money systems in western Micronesia has been featured in Around the O. To read more, :  

Professor Alison Carter published in ‘Around the O’

Professor Alison Carter wrote a piece for The Conversation about a paper her colleagues and herself published in PNAS. This paper was republished in Around the O, you can read it here Congratulations!

Ana-Maurine Lara Receives Oregon Literary Fellowship

Congratulations to Ana-Maurine Lara, assistant professor of anthropology, who has received the 2019 Oregon Literary Fellowship for fiction writing. She is the author of workings including “Erzulie’s Skirt” and “When the Sun Once Again Sang to the People.” Oregon Literary Arts ...

Professor Scott M. Fitzpatrick Featured in Around the O

Anthropology Professor Scott M. Fitzpatrick has been featured in an Around the O article titled “UO archaeologist draws thanks from Palauan president.” To read the full article click the link HERE ...

Professor Bharat Venkat received the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) Joseph W. Elder Prize for his book: “At the Limits of Cure”

In the Indian Social Sciences, the AIIS Book Prize Committee wrote, “This superbly written book manuscript weaves together a remarkable tale of tuberculosis in India. It is at once a transnational history of medical science and technology, an ethnohistory of the experience of disease, an ...
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