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Dr. Maria Escallón received the 2019-2020 faculty research and teaching fellowship

The Oregon Humanities Center has announced the recipients of its 2019-20 faculty research and teaching fellowships. The program is meant to support University of Oregon faculty members in producing research and developing courses in the humanities. Recipients of a faculty research fellowship get a ...

Dr. Alison Carter lands spot on the Top 10 Earthwatch Projects for 2018

9. Unearthing the Ancient Secrets of Angkor in Cambodia

The Angkorian Empire was home to the world’s largest pre-industrial city, but a series of droughts and monsoon-floods pushed the city’s intricate water management network beyond its limits. However, the region was never completely ...

Dr. Ana Lara, Recipient of the 2019 Oregon Literary Fellowship

Dr. Ana Lara is one of the recipients of the 2019 Oregon Literary Fellowship. Oregon Literary Fellowships are intended to help Oregon writers initiate, develop or complete literary projects in poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, drama and young readers literature. Writers in the early stages of ...

Dr. Lamia Karim featured in New Yorker and Financial Times of London

Dr. Lamia Karim has been featured in both the New Yorker and Financial Times of London.   The New Yorker article can be found below:  “The feminist scholars Ananya Roy and Lamia Karim have similarly demonstrated that popular microfinance programs, such as Grameen Bank, often have adverse ...

Dr. White’s “Sex Class” featured in the Daily Emerald

Dr. Frances White teaches ANTH 173: Evolution of Human Sexuality, also known as the “sex class,” each Winter term. The class is very popular and has been featured in the Daily Emerald. To view the rest of the article, visit:    

Dr. Karim speaks at Pitzer College on Oct 30th

Dr. Lamia Karim is speaking at Pitzer College on “After Death: The Gendered Dynamics of Work in Bangledesh”.     ...

Anthropology Professor Josh Snodgrass featured in the Oregon Quarterly

Anthropology Professor Josh Snodgrass was featured in the Autumn 2018 issue of the Oregon Quarterly. Professor Snodgrass was interviewed on the importance of Undergraduate Research. You can view the full issue ...

Dr. Lamia Karim invited by University of Bergen Norway

Dr. Lamia Karim, associate professor of anthropology, was invited by the University of Bergen, Norway as an external reviewer on a dissertation on the garment industry in Bangladesh for her expertise in labor, gender and globalization.

UO Grad School Award Reception

Last week graduate students and faculty attended the 2018-2019 grad school award reception. The reception honored graduate students who won graduate fellowships and research awards. To learn more about the award recipients, please visit:

Dr. Michelle Scalise Sugiyama published in UK Daily Mail & PsyPost

Study of hunter-gatherers suggests team-based play fighting builds up the skills used in lethal raiding: UK Daily Mail & PsyPost   Dr. Michelle Scalise Sugiyama
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