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Undergraduate Research Symposium

We invite you to the 2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium on Thursday, May 16 in the EMU and Science Library Visualization Lab. 5:30 – 7:30 | EMU Ballroom 

Now in its ninth year, the Symposium has grown to 513 presenters and 290 faculty mentors spanning 75 majors, 21 minor programs, 33 minors, and eight colleges. It is so exciting to see the rapid growth of the Symposium since it began in 2011 with 69 presenters and 40 faculty mentors, and the fantastic student work that it showcases—over 2,000 students in its nine-year history.


Lisa Kwan | Poster 26

“Sterilization and Treatment of Women and Children in Rajneeshpuram”


Kendall Soriano & Sarah Brown | Poster 31

“Reliability and accuracy of post-mortem methods of manual 2D:4D assessment in primates”


Itzel Quiroz | Poster 39

“Transmission of Traditional Ethnobotanical Knowledge Among the Wichiof the Bolivian Gran Chaco”


Erick Wonderly | Poster 50

“Niche Separation Between Three Sympatric Lemur Species at Berenty, Madagascar”


Brittany Falconer | Poster 65

“Early Observational Data on AnthropodsAssociated with Winter Decomposition in the Pacific Northwest”


Joan Hicks | Poster 82

“How Stigma Surrounding Depression Influences Depression Symptoms in Ghana”


Kate Jones | Poster 83

“Importance of Grand Collection to undergraduate research


Mariah Bloom| Poster 107

“Dating Apps Increase Sociosexualityin Both Men and Women”


Mathieu Wilson | Poster 109

“Sociosexual behaviors of captive bonobos (Pan paniscus) in proximity to an artificially built termite mound”


TroiFeinberg | Poster 130

“Literature Review: The Abundance and Density of Duiker in Lomako, DRC”


Cheyenne Collins | Poster 153

“Preliminary Decomposition Study in the Willamette Valley of Oregon: A Multi-Method Comparison and Sharp Force Trauma Effects”

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