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ANTH 199 Pseudoarchaeology students recreate Nazca lines in the quad

In the Anth 199: Pseudoarchaeology class, Dr. Alison Carter and students recreated a Nazca geoglyph of a hummingbird on the Condon quad. As part of the course, students learned about pseudoscientific theories about the creation of the Nazca lines, including theories that the Nazca people could not have been sophisticated enough to have made the lines themselves and they required the assistance of aliens or spacecraft.  In order to debunk these claims, the students recreated this geoglyph using technology the Nazca would have had in order to understand how the Nazca people made the lines themselves.

Special thank you to Phillip Carroll, Lawn Maintenance Supervisor, Jim Cody, Associate Director of Facilities Services, and Josh Chadwick, Carpenter CPFM.

Special thanks to Josh Chadwick with CPFM for picture!


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