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Boose, White, Brand & Snodgrass publish bonobo research

Dr. Klaree Boose, Dr. Frances White, graduate student Colin Brand, and Dr. Josh Snodgrass published a study entitled, “Infant handling in bonobos (Pan panics): Exploring functional hypotheses and the relationship to oxytocin” in a special addition of the journal Physiology & Behavior. The study documents how young females acquire maternal skills and forge alliances that pay off in times of hostility by handling infants, whether they are related to them or not.

“After studying bonobos for several years, I noticed that juveniles and adolescents were obsessed with the babies,” said Klaree Boose. “They played with the babies and carried them around. It appeared to be more than just play behavior.”

Click here to read the full Around the O article. Click here to read the published study.

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