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Anthropology Club Student Feature: Jacob Jansen

My name is Jacob Jansen and I’m an undergraduate student of cultural
anthropology. I am also a Vice President of the Undergraduate Anthropology
Club representing a cultural discipline.

This summer I did research in Gozo,fieldwork-profile Malta, attempting to acquire
perspectives among honeybee production. My research was shaped by a three week experience, made possible by the ‘Off the Beaten Track’ field school. During my time in Gozo, I used skills in applied anthropology to conduct a
case study which uses the lens of anthropology to analyze the perspectives of my key informant – a Gozitan beekeeper.

Before doing fieldwork, my academic interests pertained to notions of
tradition and modernity and how these factors of our globalized world are
culturally represented. Additionally, I’ve been fascinated by means of
production and the lives that make something like honeybee production
possible. Recently, I have turned my attention to food and the ways our
literal consumption tells a lot about who we are as people. I was able to
synthesize my interests by doing fieldwork in Gozo which allowed me to
challenge my skills in communication and apply my curiosities.

Doing fieldwork deepened my appreciation for anthropology and has made  a
career in academia seem more tangible. I’m currently working on a
publication which seeks to provide ethnographic information on beekeeping
in Gozo. My paper, “Perspectives in Honeybee Production: A Gozo case
study”, looks at what it means to be a keeper in Gozo.
Exploring this question points us in the direction of climate change
concerns, colony collapse disorder, and the importance of community.

If you would like the opportunity to participate in a field school that
focuses on cultural disciplines among anthropology, please visit the
following link for more information: This program also provides the
opportunity to publish your research through an online academic journal.
Follow this link to read some past publications:

I can be contacted at for questions regarding my
research, the Undergraduate Anthropology Club, or general curiosities
about a major in anthropology.