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Ecology, Evolution, and Environment

Dr. Frances White and a young bonobo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo: Nick Malone (2007)

examines the adaptation of human and non-human primates with their ecosystems. As evolutionary anthropologists, we study these interactions through research on behavior and cognition, diet, foraging strategies, life history patterns, and morphological variation of past and present populations.

Research, Projects, and Organizations


Faculty Courses Taught
Geraldine Moreno Anth 367 Human Adaptation
Josh Snodgrass Anth 270 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Anth 362 Human Biological Variation
Anth 4/507 Evolutionary Theory
Stephen Frost Anth 170 Intro to Human Origins
Anth 366 Human Osteology
Anth 4/507 Bio Anthropological Methods
Anth 4/562 Paleoprimatology
Anth 375 Primates in Ecological Communities
Frances White Anth 171 Introduction to Monkeys and Apes
Anth 173 Evolution of Human Sexuality
Larry Sugiyama Anth 330 Hunters and Gatherers
Anth 4/581 Principles of Evolutionary Psychology
Anth 4/582 Human Behavioral Ecology
Anth 4/534: Native South Americans
Michelle Scalise Sugiyama Anth 163 Origins of Story Telling
Anth 330 Hunters and Getherers
William Ayres Anth 4/540 South Asia Prehistory
Anth 4/540 Old World Prehistory
Gyoung-Ah Lee Anth 4/510 Practical Archaeobotany
Anth 4/510 Plants and People
Madonna Moss Anth 4/571 Zooarchaeology