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Anthropology is the study of humans, and at the University of Oregon we accomplish this through the integration of three distinct yet complementary subfields – archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. Our department is dedicated to better understanding human cultural and biological origins and diversity through education and research. The faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and to the advancement of knowledge through local, national, and international programs of research. As anthropologists, we are engaged in understanding recent and historical developments in the world at large, and we also seek to bring anthropological perspectives to bear on the problems of a modern global society. The department embraces a broad intellectual pluralism where different theoretical and methodological approaches are recognized and valued.


Science Daily and Around the O features Dr. Fitzpatrick’s research

Early Pacific seafarers likely latched onto El Nino, other climate patterns

The colonization of far-flung Remote Oceania some 3,400 years ago was one of the most ambitious and expansive population dispersals in human history.

Seafarers traveled thousands of miles of ocean, navigating by stars and overcoming currents and difficult weather to arrive in a region that includes present-day Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, Micronesia and Fiji.

Now research by a three-member team provides new insights into how these early travelers came to travel the Pacific Ocean and populate one of the most remote regions on



Sandi Morgen – Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life Poster

Tuesday, November 29, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Ford Alumni Center, Giustina Ballroom

University of Oregon

1720 E 13th Ave, Eugene OR 97403

Bring your dancing shoes!

With support fro the Office of the Provost, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School, the Department of Anthropology, and the Center for the Study of Women in Society.


Eugenia Lollini receives a Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Anthropology major Eugenia Lollini received a Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellowship for her work, “Before the Spectacle: Shaping Gender and Class in Beirut’s Beauty Salons.” Congrats Eugenia!