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The Stern and Barnett (Graduate Teaching) Fellowships

Each year the Graduate Committee chooses Stern and Barnett Fellows at the same time it chooses regular graduate teaching fellows. Graduate students propose to teach a class and submit a letter of interest, letters of recommendation, CV, and syllabus for the proposed class. These fellowships offer a year-long GTF with a level of appointment (“FTE”) of .4 for the terms in which the student does not teach his or her own course and .49 for the term in which s/he does teach his or her own course. Generally, two students are selected each year.

Recent recipients

2015-2016: Melissa Liebert for a course in “Human Biological Variation.”

2014-2015: Gennie Nguyen for a course in “Race and Housing.”

2014-2015: Jamie Kennedy for a course in “Hunter Gatherer Archaeology.”

2013-2014: Tara Cepon for a course in “Parasites in Human Health and Evolution.”

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