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Major Requirements

The department offers course work leading to bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of science (BS) degrees. Major requirements are the same for each. Differences between the two degrees are explained under Requirements for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

Following are the major requirements as of Fall 2016. CLICK HERE FOR :Downloadable Major Checklists If you declared Anthropology as your major prior to Fall 2016, your requirements may differ.

To declare Anthropology as your major, complete ONLINE form or contact advisor coordinator for questions and guidance.

Use this link to update your concentration: Here

1A. Introductory Core Courses
ANTH 145 or 150 Principles of Archaeology or World Archaeology 4
ANTH 161 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4
ANTH 270 Introduction to Biological Anthropology 4
1B. Core Breadth Requirements
Upper-division geographic area course in Archaeology 4
One course in cultural anthropology 4
One course in biological anthropology: 4
2. Area of Concentration
Four upper-division courses in one area of concentration 1 16
3. Electives
Two elective upper-division anthropology courses (may include ANTH 406, ANTH 408, and/or courses cross-published with Anthropology). 8
Total Credits 48

Areas of concentration: cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology. ANTH 406 and 408 may not be used to fulfill Area of Concentration requirement.

Cultural anthropology concentration must include ANTH 441 Recent Cultural Theory or ANTH 488 Foundations of Social Theory.

Courses used to fulfill major requirements must be taken for letter grades and passed with a C– or better. Majors must meet with an anthropology advisor at least once a year.

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