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100 Level Courses & Syllabi

ANTH 114 Anthropology of Pirates and Piracy (4 credits, SSC, IC).
This course examines the social, political, and economic aspects of piracy in human history with a special emphasis on the Americas. Syllabus

ANTH 119 Anthropology and Aliens (4 credits, SSC).
Examines how anthropology and speculative fiction have mutually constituted each other historically as each explores culture and society, and what makes us human. Syllabus

ANTH 145 Principles of Archaeology (4 credits, SC).
Introduction to the history of archaeology and its methods and theories. Fitzpatrick.

ANTH 150 World Archaeology (4 credits, SSC, IC).
Introduction to archaeology and cultural change from the earliest times to the advent of state-level societies. Ayres

ANTH 161 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4 credits, SSC, IC).  
A first look into the work of cultural anthropology and an introduction to the cultural diversity of the world. Baxter, Scher,Richlin

ANTH 162 Introduction to Medical Anthropology (4 credits, SSC, IC).
Introduction to the study of health, illness, and healing from a cross-­cultural perspective.

ANTH 163 Origins of Storytelling (4 credits, SC).
Explores the hunter-gatherer context in which storytelling emerged. Sugiyama, M.

ANTH 165 Sexuality and Culture (4 credits, SSC).
Examines sexuality through the historical, cultural, economic, and political factors that contribute to the construction of sexual identities, relationships, and institutions.

ANTH 170 Introduction to Human Origins (4 credits, SC).
Homo sapiens as a living organism; biological evolution and genetics; fossil hominids. Frost, UlibarriSyllabus

ANTH 171 Introduction to Monkeys and Apes (4 credits, SC).
Evolutionary biology of the primates: the fossil record and ecology in the age of mammals, primate anatomy, locomotor feeding adaptations, taxonomic relations, and primate ethology. White, Ting.


ANTH 173 Evolution of Human Sexuality (4 credits, SC).
Includes basic genetics, physiology, and behavior. Evolution of sex, of the sexes, and of the role of sex in mammal, primate, and human behavior. Boose.

ANTH 175 Evolutionary Medicine (4 credits, SC).
Focuses on the application of evolutionary thinking to the study of human health and disease. Boose.

ANTH 176 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (4 credits, SC).
Introductory forensic knowledge and techniques including human osteology and techniques for identifying skeletal remains. McLaughlin, Snodgrass

ANTH 196 Field Studies:Topic (1-2 credits).
These are typically Freshman Interest Group classes or Freshman Seminars.

ANTH 198 Laboratory Projects: Topic (1-2 credits).
These are typically Freshman Interest Group classes or Freshman Seminars.

ANTH 199 Special Studies: Topic  (1-5 credits).
These are typically Freshman Interest Group classes or Freshman Seminars.