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Advising and Mentoring

Our three undergraduate advisors can answer general questions about the program, help students declare and fulfill the requirements for a major or minor, and advise students on courses and other opportunities.

Dr. Diane Baxter
Drop-In Office Hours
Head Undergraduate Advisor (for cultural anthropology)
Condon 373

Dr. Daphne Gallagher
Drop-In Office Hours
Undergraduate Advisor (for archaeology)
Condon 253

Dr. Larry Ulibarri
Drop-In Office Hours
Undergraduate Advisor (for biological anthropology)
Condon 354

ruby fried interview pic

Undergraduate student Ruby Fried conducting an interview with a Shuar woman as part of Dr. Larry Sugiyama and Dr. Josh Snodgrass’ Shuar Life History Project

Anthropology majors and minors are also encouraged to consult with other faculty members in the department in order to discuss specific issues related to their sub-field. All faculty are actively involved in research and this provides many opportunities for undergraduates. Faculty often integrate students into research projects, which gives students hands-on experience conducting research. In most cases, participation in faculty (or graduate student) research is through informal volunteer internships or through the Participatory Learning Experience (PLE) mechanism. In rare cases, undergraduates are paid through employment in faculty research. Students should contact faculty directly to inquire about the possibility of research opportunities.