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Speaker Series

Department Colloquium Series

The Association of Anthropology Graduate Students (AAGS) runs a colloquium series that meets on Mondays during the academic year. The series brings in speakers from anthropology and beyond and includes a mix of speakers from outside the department (either from UO or from other universities), departmental graduate students, and departmental faculty.

Colloquium Series Organizers: AAGS Organizing Committee and Faculty Advisor Dr. Ana-Maurine Lara.


Dr. Loren G. Davis, Oregon State University
“Searching for Evidence of the First Americans Along the Northern Pacific Rim”
Monday, April 16th, 12pm, Education Room at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Dr. Madonna Moss, University of Oregon
Graduate students Emily Masucci & Colin Brand
Activism and Anthropology Panel Discussion
Monday, April 30th, 12pm, Condon 204
Each panelist will give a short talk about activism in their research/subfield followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Danilyn Rutherford, Wenner-Gren Foundation
Professional Development Colloquium
Monday, May 21st, 12pm, Condon 204
Funding opportunities from Wenner-Gren

End of Year Undergraduate and Graduate Poster Session
Wednesday, May 30th, 4-6pm, Condon 204
This event aims to provide a friendly venue for students to showcase their current research with the department. Prizes will be awarded for the best undergraduate and graduate poster.

Past Speakers


Tobin Hansen, University of Oregon
Title: “Getting By” After Deportation in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands: Resilience, Socialites, and Memory.

Amira Ainis, University of Oregon
Title: Long-term Stability and Rapid Collapse: Case Studies from Nearshore Fisheries of Alta and Baja California.

Dr. Stephen Frost, University of Oregon
Title: What Theropithicus oswaldi can tell us about adaptation, resilience and sustainability.

Dr. Christopher Thornton, Senior Director, Grants & Cultural Heritage National Geographic Society
Workshop: National Geographic Society Grant Workshop
Research Presentation: “Reflections on 10 years at the Bronze Age site of Bat in the Sultanate of Oman”

Dr. Radhika Govindrajan, University of Washington
Title: “The Cow Herself Has Changed: Bovine Politics and Materiality of India’s Central Himalayas”

Poster Presentations Colloquium: (Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Posters)
This is an opportunity for anthropology students (both Graduate and Undergraduate) who have presented research posters this academic year to show their projects to the department community.


Dr. Jessi Halligan, Florida State University
Title: Digging in the Dark: How Submerged Paleoindian Sites in the Aucilla River of Florida Are Illuminating First Americans Studies

Heide Castañeda, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor and Graduate Director Department of Anthropology University of South Florida
Title: “Mixed-Status Families in the US/Mexico Borderlands: Inequality and the Meanings of Citizenship in the Contemporary Migration Experience”

Dr. Kevin Dicus, Classics Department, University of Oregon
Title: “Taphonomy of Trash: Waste Management in the Ancient Roman City”

Dr. Christina Kreps Director, Museum Studies (Arts and Administration Program) University of Oregon
Title: “Monastery Museums in Thailand: Contemporary Expressions of Ancient Traditions ”

Dr. Lynn Stephen, University of Oregon
A screening of the new film, Sad Happiness: Cinthya’s Transborder Journey followed by Q&A with director Lynn Stephen


Dr. Patrick Kirch, University of California Berkeley, Anthropology
Dr. Susan Gagliardi, Emory University, Art History
Dr. Amy Gusick, California State University, San Bernardino, Anthropology
Dr. Terry Hunt, Professor of Anthropology and Dean of the Robert D. Clark Honors College, University Oregon
Dr. Zaneta Thayer, University of Colorado, Denver, Anthropology
Dr. Leah Minc, Oregon State University
Dr. Jeff Maskovsky, CUNY, Queens College Urban Studies
Dr. Juan Antonio Siller Camacho, Independent Scholar
Dr. Larry Ulibarri, Anthropology, University of Oregon


Dr. Jessaca Leinaweaver, Brown University
Seungki Kwak, University of Washington
Iván Sandoval-Cervantes, University of Oregon
Dr. Greger Larson, Oxford University
Dr. Ana-Maurine Lara, University of Oregon
Dr. Joel Beinin, Stanford University
Dr. Jessaca Leinaweaver, Brown University
Dr. Jason Younker, University of Oregon
Dr. Sara Lewis, Joshua Schrock, and Theresa Gildner, University of Oregon
Dr. Torben Rick, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Dr. Marc Lynch, George Washington University


Dr. James McKenna, University of Notre Dame
Dr. Christine Hastorf, University of California, Berkeley
Mu-Lung Hsu and Klaree Boose, University of Oregon
Dr. Kimberly Theidon, Harvard University
Anna Sloan and Tara Cepon, University of Oregon
Department Panel: Anthropological Perspectives on Identity (with Dr. Madonna Moss and graduate students Andrea Eller and Christina O’Bryan)
Dr. Terry Hunt, University of Oregon
Dr. Shelby Anderson, Portland State University
Dr. Seth Holmes, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Clarence Gravlee, University of Florida


Dr. Angela Kozce, Central European University & Wake Forest University
Theresa Gildner, University of Oregon
Noah Simons, University of Oregon
Dr. Zhuowei Tang, Jilin University (China)
Dr. Kenneth Maes, Oregon State University
Kevin Turley, University of Oregon
Dr. Kristin Yarris, University of Oregon (International Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies)
James Daria, University of Oregon
Anthropology Department Panel: Female Power, Strategies, and Myth Busting: From Bonobos to Humans (with Dr. Diane Baxter and graduate students Klaree Boose and Anna Sloan)


Anthropology Department Panel: Food, Health, and Society (with Dr. Stephen Dueppen and graduate students Samantha King and Iván Sandoval-Cervantes, & moderator Dr. Lynn Stephen)
James Daria, University of Oregon
Dr. Claudia Holguin Mendoza, University of Oregon
Dr. Thom McDade, Northwestern University
Dr. Terence D. Capellini, Stanford University
Dr. Donald L. Brenneis, University of California Santa Cruz
Christina O’Bryan, University of Oregon
Angela Montague, University of Oregon
Lucas Erickson, University of Oregon
Dr. Missy Cheyney, Oregon State University
Dr. Mark Auslander, Central Washington University
Dr. Robert Thompson, Oregon State University
Dr. Aletta Biersack, University of Oregon
Dr. Timothy McMahon, University of Oregon CoDaC
Dr. Nelson Ting, University of Oregon
Dr. Patrick O’Grady, Museum of Natural and Cultural History


Erica Squires, University of Oregon
Dr. Karen Rosenberg, University of Delaware
Dr. Stephen Dueppen, University of Oregon
Dr. Gary Crawford, University of Toronto Mississauga
Dr. Aliya Saperstein, University of Oregon
Dr. Lamia Karim, University of Oregon
Dr. Brian Kemp, Washington State University
Dr. Li Liu, Stanford University
Julia Ridgeway-Diaz, University of Oregon


Dr. Katerina Harvati, University of Tübingen, Germany
Gennie Thi Nguyen, University of Oregon
Dr. Daphne Gallagher, University of Oregon

University of Oregon