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Affiliated Faculty

Ian Edwards

Ian Edwards profile picture

Geeta Eick

  • Title: Research Assistant
  • Phone: (541) 346-1537
  • Office: 308 Condon Hall
  • Office Hours: none

Thomas Evans

Thomas Evans profile picture

Nick Jew

Nick Jew profile picture
  • Title: Instructor
  • Office Hours: Skype appt available by email request

Paul Kowal

  • Title: Courtesy Research Associate
  • Office Hours: none

Thomas Leppard

Thomas Leppard profile picture
  • Title: Courtesy Research Associate
  • Office Hours: none
  • Interests: Island archaeology, prehistory, palaeodemography, palaeoenvironments

Melissa Liebert

Melissa Liebert profile picture
  • Title: Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Phone: 541-346-5109
  • Office Hours: 1:30 – 2:30pm, Monday through Friday on e-mail; also available by appointment

Nadia Loan

  • Title: Adjunct Instructor
  • Phone: 541-346-5529
  • Office: 315 Hendricks Hall
  • Office Hours: On leave

Robert Hill Long

Robert Hill Long profile picture
  • Title: Research Associate
  • Phone: 541-346-2293
  • Office: 677 E 12th Ave, Ste 500
  • Office Hours: Appointment by email request.
  • Interests: Research proposals, visual ethnography, humanities, arts, social sciences,

Nick Malone

Nick Malone profile picture
  • Title: Courtesy Research Associate
  • Additional Title: Senior Lecturer at University of Auckland
  • Office Hours: none
  • Website: Website

Iain McKechnie

Iain McKechnie profile picture
  • Title: Courtesy Research Associate
  • Additional Title: SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow and Courtesy Research Associate
  • Office Hours: none
  • Website: Website

Jeanne McLaughlin

Jeanne McLaughlin profile picture
  • Title: Human Osteologist & Forensic Anthropologist
  • Office: 369 Condon Hall

Marcela Mendoza

Marcela Mendoza profile picture

Anne Millhollen

Anne Millhollen profile picture

Angela Montague

Angela Montague profile picture
  • Title: Postdoctoral Scholar, Anthropology
  • Additional Title: Adjunct Instructor, International Studies
  • Phone: 541-346-5042
  • Office: 356 Condon Hall
  • Office Hours: Tuesdays, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Affiliated Departments: Anthropology
  • Interests: development, tourism, identity, political economy

Maury Morgenstein

Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson profile picture
  • Title: Courtesy Assistant Professor
  • Phone: 541-206-7633
  • Office Hours: none

Faridah Nor

Chris O’Bryan

  • Title: Adjunct Instructor
  • Phone: 541-346-5042
  • Office: 355 Condon Hall
  • Office Hours: Tuesdays 12:00pm-1:30pm & Thursdays 12:00pm-12:30pm

Robert Pastor

Robert Pastor profile picture

Kevin Turley

Kevin Turley profile picture

Michel Waller

Michel Waller profile picture
  • Title: Instructor
  • Additional Title: Assistant Professor at Central Oregon Community College
  • Website: Website

Joan Wozniak