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Elisabeth Goldman

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B.A., Anthropology, Special Honors Curriculum; minor French Language, CUNY-Hunter College (2014)

Focus Area

Biological Anthropology (Advisor: Kirsten Sterner)


Elisabeth is a PhD student in the biological anthropology program and a member of the Molecular Anthropology Lab Group at UO ( Her research focuses on the evolution of biological aging in human and non-human primates and seeks to understand the ways in which aspects of environment and behavior "get under the skin" to contribute to variation in health, aging, and longevity. For her current project, Elisabeth has developed a supervised machine learning model to study age-dependent changes in the epigenome and investigate the effect of dietary modification on the pace of aging in two biological tissues. 
Elisabeth has previously published research assessing variation in measurements of telomere length (a putative biomarker of aging) by sample type and collection method (Goldman et al., 2018, AJHB) using data collected as part of WHO's Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE).