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Graduate Alumni

Recent UO Graduate Academic Appointments

  • Blackwell, Aaron. Ph.D. 2009: Asst. Prof., University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Braje, Todd. Ph.D. 2007: Asst. Prof., San Diego State University
  • Cheney, Melissa. Ph.D. 2004: Assoc. Prof., Oregon State University
  • Erickson, Jennifer. Ph. D. 2010: Asst. Prof. Ball State University. Indiana
  • Fisher, Josh. Ph. D. 2010: Asst. Prof. High Point University
  • Fitzpatrick, Scott. Ph.D. 2003: Assoc. Prof., University of Oregon
  • Greer, Aaron. Ph. D. 2012: Instructor, Pacific University
  • Guerron-Montero, Carla. Ph.D. 2002: Assoc. Prof., University of Delaware
  • Jacka, Jerry. Ph.D. 2003: Assoc. Prof., University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Losey, Robert. Ph.D. 2003: Asst. Prof., University of Alberta
  • Madimenos, Felicia. Ph.D. 2011: Visiting Asst. Prof., Ithaca College
  • Rick, Torben . Ph.D. 2004: Curator, NMNH, Smithsonian Institution
  • Roach, Paul. Ph.D. 2006: Asst. Prof., Century College, St. Paul MN
  • Robbins, Gwen. Ph.D. 2007: Asst. Prof., Appalachian State University
  • Tiedje, Kristina. Ph.D. 2004: Asst. Prof., Faculté d’Anthropologie Université Lumière Lyon 2
  • Tveskov, Mark. Ph.D. 2000: Asst. Prof., Southern Oregon University
  • Vallianatos, Helen. Ph.D. 2004: Assoc. Prof., University of Alberta
  • Vellanoweth, Rene. Ph.D. 2001: Assoc. Prof. and Dept. Head, California State University, Los Angeles
  • Younker, Jason. Ph.D. 2004: Assoc. Prof., Rochester Institute of Technology

    Archaeology graduate students Rory Walsh and Tracy Garcia at the Department of Anthropology graduation ceremony, June 2010

Recent UO Graduate Research Appointments

  • Brewster, Mel. Ph.D. 2003. Skull Valley Goshute Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, Utah.
  • Byram, Scott R. Ph.D. 2002. Consulting Archaeology: Coos Bay OR and Palo Alto CA
  • Dartt-Newton, Deana. Ph.D. 2009: Portland Art Museum, Curator of Native American Art
  • Fechner, Mary. Ph.D. 2004. Research Proposal Development Specialist, University of Mass, Amherst
  • Griffin, Dennis. Ph. D. 1999. State Archaeologist, Oregon State Historic Preservation Office
  • Guthrie, Emily. Ph.D. 2011. Assistant Director of Operations, Human Subjects Division, University of Washington
  • Kramer, Stephenie. M.S. 2000. Asst. State Archaeologist, Wash. State Historic Preservation Office, Olympia WA
  • Largaespada, Tony. M.S. 2001. US Forest Sevice Archaeologist, Seward Alaska
  • Lewis, David. Ph. D. 2009: Manger, Cultural Resource Department, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
  • Mitchell, Denise. M.A. 1999. Consultant to Coquille Indian Tribe. North Bend, OR
  • Potter, Amiee. Ph.D. 2004: Scientist, DNA Reference Lab, Commonwealth Biotechnologies
  • Tasa, Guy. Ph.D. 1997. Research Associate, Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon

Recent UO Doctoral Graduates

  • Tara Cepon-Robins. Ph.D. 2015. “Social Change, Parasite Exposure, and Immune Dysregulation Among Shuar Forager-Horticulturalists of Amazonia: A Biocultural Case-Study in Evolutionary Medicine.” Advisor: Josh Snodgrass
  • Angela Montague. Ph.D. 2014. “Contested Nation, Global Space: Tourism and the Politics of Tuareg Heritage in Mali.” Advisor: Carol Silverman
  • Christina Washington O’Bryan. Ph.D. 2014. “Gender, Mobility, and Self: Afghan Women in Vancouver, B.C.” Advisor: Lynn Stephen
  • Lauren Willis. Ph.D. 2014. “The Taphonomy of Archaeological Fish Remains: Experimental Approaches to Understanding the Effects of Natural and Cultural Processes on the Presence and Identification of Cut Marks.” Advisor: Jon Erlandson
  • Ian Edwards. Ph.D. 2012. “The Social Life of Wild-Things: Negotiated Wildlife in Mali, West Africa.” Advisor: Frances White
  • Brendan Culleton. Ph.D. 2012. “Human Ecology, Agricutlural Intensification and Landscape Transformation in the Ancient Maya Polity of Uxbenka, Southern Belize.” Advisor: Douglas Kennett
  • Emily Guthrie. Ph.D. 2011. “Functional Morphology of the Postcranium of Theropithecus of brumpti (Primates Cercopithecidae).” Advisor: Stephen Frost
  • Aaron Greer. Ph.D. 2011. “Imagined Futures: Interpretation, Imagination, and Discipline in Hindu Trinidad.” Advisor: Phil Scher
  • Felicia Madimenos. Ph.D. 2011. “Reproductive Trade-Offs in Skeletal Health and Physical Activity Among the Indigenous Shuar of Ecuadorian Amazonia: A Life History Approach.” Advisor: Josh Snodgrass
  • Michel Waller. Ph.D. 2011. “The Ranging Behavior of Bonobos in the Lomako Forest.” Advisor: Frances White
  • Erickson, Jennifer Lynn. Ph.D. 2010. “Citizenship, Refugees, and the State: Bosnians, Southern Sudanese, and Social Service Providers in Fargo, North Dakota.” Advisor: C. Silverman
  • Rohwer, Shayna. Ph.D. 2010. “Information, Kinship, and Community: Perceptions of Doula Support by Teen Mothers Through an Evolutionary Lens.” Advisor: L. Sugiyama
  • Fisher, Joshua Bryan. Ph.D. 2010. “No Alternative: Participation, Inequality, and the Meanings.” Advisor: L. Stephen
  • Baird, Melissa Florence. Ph.D. 2009. “The Politics of Place: Heritage, Identity, and the Epistemologies of Cultural Landscapes.” Advisor: M. Moss
  • Blackwell, Aaron Deva. Ph.D. 2009. “Life History Trade-Offs in Growth and Immune Function: The Behavioral and Immunological Ecology of the Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador, an Indigenous Population in the Midst of Rapid Economic and Ecological Change.” Advisor: L. Sugiyama
  • McLaughlin, Jeanne M. Ph.D. 2009. “An Evaluation of Oregon’s System of Identifying Unidentified Human Remains and Using Technology to Improve the Efficiency of Law Enforcement and the Medical Examiner in Identifying Human Remains.” Advisor: J. Lukacs
  • Casserino, Christopher Michael. Ph.D. 2009. “Bioarchaeology of Violence and Site Abandonment at Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico.” Advisor: J. Lukacs
  • Dartt-Newton, Deana Dawn. Ph.D. 2009. “Negotiating the Master Narrative: Museums and the Indian-Californio Community of California’s Central Coast.” Advisors: B. Klopotek and L. Stephen
  • Hill, Tami Rene. Ph.D. 2009. “Fragile Community: Trauma, Truth, Transformation and the Social Construction of Suffering among Latin Americans and the Staff of a United States Torture Treatment Center.” Advisors: P. Young and L. Stephen
  • Lewis, David Gene. Ph.D. 2009. “Termination of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon: Politics, Community, Identity.” Advisor: L. Stephen
  • Hannibal, Darcy. Ph.D. 2008. “Evolution of the cercopithecine cheek pouch: tests of socioecological models in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta).” Advisor: F. White
  • Fulton, Kathryn Anne. Ph.D. 2008. “Personhood, discourse, emotion, and environment.” Advisor: C. Silverman
  • Braje, Todd. Ph.D. 2007. “Archaeology, Human Impacts, and Historical Ecology on San Miguel Island, California.” Advisor: J. Erlandson
  • Malone, Nicholas. Ph.D. 2007. “The Socioecology of the Critically Endangered Javan Gibbon (Hylobates moloch): Assessing the Impact of Anthropogenic Disturbance on Primate Social Systems.” Advisor: F. White
  • Robbins, Gwendolyn. Ph.D. 2007 “Population Dynamics, Growth and Development in Chalcolithic Sites of the Deccan Plateau, India.” Advisor: J. Lukacs
  • Winterhoff, Ernest Harold. Ph.D. 2007. “The Political Economy of Ancient Samoa: Basalt Adze Production and Linkages to Social Status.” Advisor: W. Ayres
  • Roach, Paul. Ph.D. 2006. “Evolutionary Theory and Birth Order Effects on Big Five Personality Traits Among the Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador: The First Cross-Cultural Test” Advisor: L.Sugiyama
  • Walker, Cameron. Ph.D. 2006. “The Bioarchaeology of Newly Discovered Burial Caves in the Sierra.” Advisor: J. Lukacs
  • McInnis, Heather. Ph.D. 2006. “Middle Holocene Culture and Climate on the South Coast of Peru: Archaeological Investigation of the Pampa Colorada.” Advisor: M. Moss
  • Stephenson, Garry. Ph.D. 2006. “Success, Failure and the Management Ecology of Oregon’s Farmers’ Markets.” Advisor: G. Moreno-Black
  • Gualtieri, Michael. Ph.D. 2006. “The Role of Moral Outrage in the Northern Paiute Wars of the Mid-19th Century.” Advisor: L. Sugiyama
  • O’Grady, Patrick Warren. Ph.D. 2006. “Before Winter Comes: Archaeological Investigations of Settlement and Subsistence in Harney Valley, Harney County Oregon.” Advisor: C. Aikens
  • Bundy, Barbara. Ph.D. 2005. “Preventing Looting and Vandalism of Archaeological Sites in the Pacific Northwest.” Advisor: M. Moss
  • Cheyney, Melissa. Ph.D. 2005. “In Transition: A Biocultural Analysis of Homebirth Midwifery in the United States.” Advisor: G. Moreno-Black
  • Penickova, Daniela. Ph.D. 2005. “Delocalized Knowledges: Conceptualizing Problem Gambling in a Native American Reservation Community.” Advisor: T. O’Nell

    UO Master's Graduate and Health Education Research Award Winner Erica Midttveit.

Recent UO Master’s Graduates

  • Tobin Hansen. MA. 2015. “Redifining Care, Relatedness, and Masculinities: Deported Men in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.” Advisor: Lynn Stephen
  • HaBeom Kim. MA. 2014. “A Study on the Change of Plant-Use Patterns at the Huizui Site River Valley Region, China.” Advisor: Gyoung-Ah Lee
  • Meagan Clark. MS. 2014. “An Analysis of Archaeofish Remains from Coconut Walk, Nevis, West Indies.” Advisor: Scott Fitzpatrick
  • Alese Colehour. MS. 2014. “Local Domestication of Lactic Acid Bacteria via Cassava Beer Fermentation.” Advisor: Lawrence Sugiyama
  • Anna Sloan. MS. 2014. “Tinmiat Anmiat: Birds in Ipiutak and Western Thule Lifeways at Deering, Alaska.” Advisor: Madonna Moss
  • Melissa Teoh. MS. 2012. “Craft Specialization and Production Scale: Understanding Figulina Ware in Neolithic Dalmatia.” Advisor: Sarah McClure
  • Ivan Sandoval-Cervantes. MA. 2012. “The Political Economy of Agriculture and Land Conflict in a TransborderOaxacan Community: A first Approximation.” Advisor: Lynn Stephen
  • Terry Rueckert. MS. 2012. “Disability Patterns among Indigenous Shuar of Eastern Ecuador: Implications for Understanding the Evolution of Human Life History.” Advisor: Larry Sugiyama
  • Monya Anderson. MS. 2012. “Phylogeography of the Sulawesi Macaques based on 3D Geometric Morphometrics.” Advisor: Stephen Frost
  • Carley Smith. MS. 2011. “Changing Shellfish Collecting Strategies at a Formative Period Fishing-Farming Community on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.” Advisor: Madonna Moss
  • Klaree Boose. MS. 2011. “Policing Interventions in Bonobos (Pan paniscus): Maintenance of a Cooperative System in a Non-Kin Bonded Species.” Advisor: Frances White
  • Anna Cruz. MS. 2011. “Gender in Spaces of Resistance: The Role of Oaxacan Teachers Post 2006 Uprising.” Advisor: Lynn Stephen
  • Gandolfo, Tiffany Ruth. MS. 2010. “Does variation in accelerometer placement matter for field studies of sleep? A test of methodological standards for Actiwatch use.” Advisor: L. Sugiyama
  • Garcia, Tracey Marie. MS. 2010. “Colonial Encounters with the Past: Paul Schumacher, the Smithsonian Institution and the Origins of Pacific Coast Archaeology.” Advisor: J. Erlandson
  • Gomez, Josue Augusto. MS. 2010. “Emergence of Maritime Trade Networks along the Pacific Coast of Mesoamerica.” Advisor: D. Kennett
  • Johnson, Sarah Odile. MA. 2010. “Hungering for Community: Resistance, Difference, and Network-Building within the Sustainable Food Movement.” Advisor: A. Biersack
  • Liebert, Melissa Ann. MS. 2010. “The Implications of Varying Degrees of Market Integration on Blood Pressure, Glucose, Cholsterol, and Triglyceride Levels in an Indigenous Lowland Ecuadorian Population.” Advisor: L. Sugiyama
  • Midttveit, Erica Christine. MS. 2010. “Discrimination, Psychosocial Stress, and Health among Latino Immigrants in Oregon.” Advisor: J. Snodgrass
  • Walsh, Rory Cathleen. MA. 2010. “Millet Domesitcation and Use in the Yiluo River Valley, North China, Mid-Neolithic to Early State Period.” Advisor: G. Lee
  • Casperson, Molly Rose. MS. 2009. “Bird Remains from the Lower Midden 96700-1900 cal BP) of the Mink Island Site (49-XMK-030), Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska.” Advisor: M. Moss
  • Ulrich, Heather Ann. MS. 2009. “Analysis of Bird Remains from The Dunes Site (35-CLT-27), Northern Oregon Coast.” Advisor: M. Moss
  • Cepon, Tara Jean. MS. 2009. “Anthropometric, dietary, and lifestyle correlates of blood pressure among the Yakut (Sakha) of Siberia.” Advisor: J. Snodgrass
  • Davis, Troy William. MS. 2009. “In Search of an Early Holocene Occupation of San Nicolas Island, California.” Advisor: J. Erlandson
  • Nguyen, Gennie Thi. MA. 2009. “Losing Everything for the Third Time: The Intergenerational Effects of Trauma on Vietnamese Women During Hurricane Katrina.” Advisor: L. Karim
  • Levin, Maureece. MA. 2008. “Prehistoric Plant Cultivation in the Asia-Pat of a Broader Synthesis and the Case of Pohnpei.” Advisor: W. AyresMontague, Angela. MA. 2008. “Power, Representation and Tourism: A Case study from Northern cific Region: DevelopmenMali.” Advisor: C. Silverman
  • Sell, Kathryn Elizabeth. MS. 2008. Advisor: G. Moreno-Black
  • Magana, Maurice. MA. 2008. “Articulating Social Networks in a Mexican Social Movement: The Case of the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).” Advisor: L. Stephen
  • Seikel, Katherine Ann. MS. 2008. “Mortuary Practices and Social Structure at Nan Madol: Correlating Archaeology and Oral Tradition.” Advisor: W. Ayres
  • Turley, Kevin. MS. 2008. “Distial Tibial Shape and Presentation Reflect the Type of Substrate.” Advisor: S. Frost
  • Long, Montana McBride. Master’s. 2007. “A GIS-based Test of an Ideal Free Distribution Model on Terminal Pleistocene and Early Holocene Human Occupations on Idaho’s Snake River Plain.” Advisor: D. Kennett
  • Blackwell, Aaron. Master’s. 2006. “Terrorism, Heroism, and Altruism: The Behavioral Ecology of Palestinian Suicide Attack as a Model for the Evolution of Self-Sacrificial Behavior in Humans.” Advisor: L. Sugiyama
  • Fisher, Joshua Bryan. MS. 2006. Advisor: L. Stephen
  • Henderson, Emily Irene. MS. 2006. “Extant Platyrrhine Dental Eruption Sequences.” Advisor: J. Lukacs
  • Peterson, Jenna Elizabeth. MS. 2006. “Strawberry Fields Forever? Exploring the Impact of Erosion and Development at an Archaeological Site on the Oregon Coast.” Advisor: J. Erlandson
  • Trainor, John K. MS. 2006. “Farm to School Success? The Role of Non-Profit Organizations in the Creation and Maintenance of Farm to School Programs.” Advisor: G. Moreno-Black
  • Viksne, Jennifer Lyn. MS. 2006. “The New Lake Midden (35-CS-206) Coos County, Oregon: a Case of Landscape Change.” Advisor: M. Moss
  • Bottman, Tobin C. MS. 2006. “Stable Isotope Analysis to Determina Geographic Provenience of Olivella biplicata Shell Beads Excavated from Archaeological Sites in the Northern Great Basin: Implications for reconstructing Prehistoric Exchange.” Advisor: J. Erlandson
  • Culleton, Brendan J. MS. 2006. “Implications of a Freshwater Radiocarbon Reservoir Correction for the Timing of Late Holocene Settlement of the Elk Hills, Kern County, California.” Advisor: J. Erlandson
  • Driscoll, Catherine Jane Mattern. 2005. “Schooling for Success: Globalization, Human Rights, and Being Maasai.” Advisor: S. Morgen
  • Kwon, June Hee. 2005. “The Appropriation of Citizenship and the Experience of ‘Illegality’: Female Korean Chinese Working in Neo-Liberal South Korea.” S. Morgen
  • Robinson, Danielle Lee. MA. 2005. “Border Stories: An Ethnography of Memories, Moralities, and Human Rights of Undocumented Mexican Migrants.” Advisor: P. Young
  • Norris, Nicole Beth. MA. 2005. “An Endangered Analysis of Ground Stone Artifacts from the Mill Creek Prehistoric Site Complex, Salem, Oregon.” Advisor: M. Moss
  • Cole, Jessica Caraway. Master’s. 2005. “Performing Purity: Ritualized Sexuality in the Language and Performance of American Evangelicals.”

Other Alumni

Brad Bowden, M.S. 1995
Archaeologist/Senior Manager
Gray & Pape, Virginia

Donald C. Dunbar, Ph.D. 1980
Professor of Anatomy and Neurobiology, School of Medicine &
Director, Laboratory for Primate Morphology and Genetics
Caribbean Primate Research Center
P.O. Box 365067
University of Puerto Rico
San Juan, PR 00936-5067, USA

Jessica Falkenhagen, M.A. 2004
Ph.D. student, UCLA

Jeff Fentress, Ph.D. 2002
Instructor & NAGPRA Coordinator
Department of Anthropology
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA

Eric Forgeng, M.A. 1992
Permitting Officer
Archaeology Branch
Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts
Victoria, BC Canada

Michael Joseph Francisconi (Papa Sconi), Ph.D 1995
Associate Professor, Department of History, Philosophy,and Social Science
University of Montana Western
Box 2, 710 S. Atlantic St.
Dillon, MT 59725

Carla Guerron-Montero, Ph.D. 2002
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

W. Penn Handwerker, Ph.D. 1971
Professor of Anthropology & Public Health
Head, Anthropology Department, U-2176
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-2176

Christopher Landreau, M.S. 1995
Archaeologist for the Yakama Tribe

Leah Largaespada, M.S. 2001
Seward, Alaska

Robert Losey, Ph.D. 2003
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Heather McInnis, Ph.D. 2006
Senior Program Associate
Research Competitiveness Program
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Washington, DC 20005

Kristina Tiedje, Ph.D. 2004
Assistant Professor
Faculté d’Anthropologie
Université Lumière Lyon 2

Mark Tveskov, Ph.D. 2000
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, OR

Helen Vallianatos, Ph.D. 2004
Department of Anthropology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Rene Vellanoweth, Ph.D. 2001
Assistant Professor
Department of anthropology
Humbolt State University
Arcata, California

George B. Wasson, Ph.D. 1994
University of Oregon

Joan Wozniak, Ph. D. 2004
Department of Anthropology
University of Oregon

Jason Younker, Ph.D. 2004
Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY