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Luther S. and Dorothy C. Cressman Prize Competition

The Cressman Prize, named after the founder of the UO Department of Anthropology, is one of two annual competitions for best research paper by an anthropology graduate student. The competition takes place in the winter or spring term. Applications are evaluated by the Departmental Awards Committee. The winner of this prize typically presents his or her paper at a Department Colloquium during the following academic year.

Recent recipients

2017: Noah Simons, ” Cis-Regulatory Evolution in a Wild Primate: Disease-Associated Genetic Variation Drives Differential Expression of MHC-DQA1 In-Vitro.”

2016: James Daria, “The conviviality of the Fandango: alterity, relationality, and performative culture in southern Veracruz, Mexico.”

2015: Tobin Hansen, “Redefining Relatedness and Care: Deportees on the Northern Mexico Border.”

2014: Anna Sloan, “Spirituality and the Seamstress: Birds in Ipiutak and Western Thule Lifeways at Deering, Alaska.”

2013: Klaree Boose, “Sex differences in tool use acquisition in bonobos (Pan paniscus).” Paper accepted for publication in the American Journal of Primatology.

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