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Grad student Josh Schrock awarded ICDS Dissertation Research Award

Graduate student Josh Schrock was awarded the Institute of Cognitive and Decision Sciences Dissertation Award. These $5000 summer grants provide support to doctoral students from UO schools/departments associated with ICDS who have advanced to candidacy and are working on a dissertation that ...

Graduating senior Samantha McGee awarded Best Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award

Anthropology undergraduate senior Samantha McGee was awarded the Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award for her paper entitled, “Portrayals of Power: The Local Identity of Three Cypriot Sarcophagi from the Fifth Century BCE.” Congratulations! The Honorable Mention Undergraduate Paper of ...

Grad student Theresa Gildner accepts Postdoctoral Fellowship

Graduating Ph.D. student Theresa Gildner has accepted a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Dartmouth College. The Robert A. 1925 and Catherine L. McKennan Postdoctoral Fellowship in Anthropology provides promising young scholars with an opportunity to research, write, and teach at Dartmouth College for a ...

Grad student Kiana Williams receives Miller Family Scholarship

Graduate student Kiana Williams was awarded the 2018 Miller Family Scholarship. The Miler Family Scholarship supports an outstanding student in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and may be awarded to either an undergraduate major or minor or a graduate certificate student. Candidates ...

Grad student Lindsey Foltz receives Food Studies Graduate Research Grant

Graduate student Lindsey Foltz was awarded a $500 Food Studies Graduate Research Grant for to support her summer research in Bulgaria. Congratulations!

Anthropology alum publishes study on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) stone hats

Sean Hixon (Anthropology, class of 2015) published a study entitled, “The colossal hats (pukao) of monumental statues on Rapa Nui (Easter Island, Chile): Analyses of pukao variability, transport, and emplacement” in the Journal of Archaeological Science. Hixon, now a doctoral student at ...

Undergraduate Shuxi Wu shares her research

 Shuxi Wu is a Junior majoring in Anthropology with a concentration in Cultural Anthropology. She is currently working on a project titled: “Transnational Professionals: Global Hires, the New Knowledge Economy, and the Metanational Corporation”  Transnational migration has never been in more ...

Grad student Matt Napolitano receives Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid for Research

Graduate student Matt Napolitano was awarded a Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid for Research for his dissertation project, “First Colonization of the Land of Stone Money: Archaeological Investigations of the Remote Island of Yap, Western Micronesia”. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the winners of the Anthropology poster session!

Undergraduate: Carly Pate, Larry Ulibarri, Stephen Frost, Frances White, & Tilo Nadler. “Cranial morphometric analysis on Pygathrix nemaeus and Pygrathrix cinerea” Graduate: Samantha Queeno, Matthew C. O’Neill, Daniel Richard, Terence D. Capellini, & Kirstin N. Sterner. ...

Grad student Annie Caruso receives M. Gregg Smith Fellowship

Graduate student Annie Caruso was awarded the 2018-2019 M. Gregg Smith Fellowship from the University of Oregon in the amount of $5,400. Congratulations, Annie!
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