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Dr. Alison Carter lands spot on the Top 10 Earthwatch Projects for 2018

9. Unearthing the Ancient Secrets of Angkor in Cambodia

img_20180628_084811The Angkorian Empire was home to the world’s largest pre-industrial city, but a series of droughts and monsoon-floods pushed the city’s intricate water management network beyond its limits. However, the region was never completely abandoned. By studying the everyday lives of the “non-elites,” volunteers are assisting researchers in increasing their scientific knowledge regarding these environmental changes and the strategies that individuals, households, and communities used to maintain their resiliency.

“Do you enjoy being surrounded by nature? Getting your hands dirty? Learning all sorts of interesting info about Cambodia and Asia? Feeling your heart race when you find pottery/bones from 800 AD? Interacting with the locals who help on the dig? Talking with the villagers who stop by to practice their English while you wash pottery shards, right next to a crew restoring temple Prasat Basaet? Then this expedition is for you! I loved every minute of every day.” – Shannon Miller


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The Top 10 Earthwatch Expeditions of 2018

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