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Anthropology students present at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Seventeen Anthropology students will present at the Undergraduate Research Symposium, this Thursday, May 17th. Click here for full schedule and more information.


Anthropology Presenters:

Mariah Bloom, Poster 127

Title: Swiping for Sex: The Use of Dating Apps and Their Effect on the Evolutionary Costs and Benefits of Human Mating Strategies

India Brock, Oral Session 45

Title: Assessing the Role of Crossing Structures in Primate Conservation Research Area: Primate Conservation

India Brock & Nora Sawyer, Poster 6

Title: Dominance Hierarchies Are Not Linear in Semi-Free Ranging Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (Varecia variegata)

Cheyenne Collins, Poster 132

Title: Preliminary Decomposition Study within the Willamette Valley of Oregon Multi-Regional Comparison and Sharp Force Trauma Effects

Amelia Delgado, Poster 128

Title: What’s in the Box: Using a Comparative Collection to Identify Mystery Avian Bones

Aida Goma Petit, Poster 95

Title: Examining Variables Associated with the Underdiagnoses Of Depression in Mexico

Aimee Herubin, Poster 76

Title: Asymmetry of the Dental Arcade in Six Populations from the Indian Sub-Continent

Jacob Jansen, Oral Session 4CS

Title: Complicating Autonomy through Empowering Agency: Honeybees at the Center of Conflict

Haden Kingrey, Poster 10

Title: Exploring Manufacturing Variability in Calcareous Sand Tempered Pottery on Yap, Western Caroline Islands

Mathieu Wilson, Poster 136

Title: The Living Room of Campus: A Post-Occupancy Study of the Erb Memorial Union at the University of Oregon

Samantha McGee, Oral Session 40

Title: Portrayals of Power: The local Identity of Three Cypriot Sarcophagi from the 5th Century BCE

Carly Pate Poster 137

Title: Cranial Morphometric Analysis on Pygathrix nemaeus and Pygrathrixcinerea

Julien Royer, Poster 8

Title: Description of Pleistocene-Holocene carnivoran, Meles leucurus, from Kyrgyzstan

Nora Sawyer, Poster 129

Title: The Effect of Visitors in Comparison to the Effect Of Keepers On Zoo-Housed Chimpanzees and Mandrills at the Oregon Zoo

Lillie Scarth, Data Story Session 1CS

Title: Visualizing Assault Reports in Seattle, Washington

Tabor Whitney, Oral Session 4S

Title: Effects of Environment and Relatedness on the Gut Microbiome of Ugandan Red Colobus Monkeys

Shuxi Wu, Oral Session 3S

Title: Transnational Professionals: Agency and Practice of Highly Skilled Foreign Employees in American Transnational Corporations

Jacob Dicken, Poster 147

Title: Changing Climate in Ancient Peru and the Rise and Development of the Norte Chico Civilization