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2017 Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award

Each year, the Anthropology Department sponsors a writing competition for the Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award.  The winner receives an award letter and a small gift from the Department and his/her name is announced at graduation.  Below is the procedure for submitting a paper for consideration.

  1. First, students must be Anthropology majors in any year of study (in other words, not necessarily seniors).
  2. If you have a paper you wish to have considered (you have written it, are writing it, or revising a paper you’ve already written), you need to meet with an Anthropology professor and have the professor agree to read your paper (and give you guidance and feedback on it). Theses are accepted.
  3. The professor reads your finished paper and decides if he/she will nominate it for the paper of the year award.  Professors then submit papers (hard copies only), along with their nomination to Dr. Baxter no later than Friday, June 2 at 4 pm. 
  4. The Awards Committee reads the submissions and students are notified of its decision no later than Monday, June 12.
  5. Papers are generally 25-50 pages in length and are of very high quality (“near publication” quality). 
  6. A student may ask a professor to agree to do an independent study class for the spring term in which the student researches, writes, and/or revises the paper. This is not required but could be useful for the student. The number of credits for the independent study “class” is determined by the professor and student.

Speak with Dr. Baxter ( if you have questions.

Good Luck!