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UO Anthropology Club Feature: Connor Thorud


Hello all!
My name is Connor Thorud, and I am the Public Relations Representative for the Undergraduate Anthropology Club. I work to manage our Facebook page and to create our fliers and other promotional materials.
I am an archaeology major, focusing on island archaeology. During the summer of 2015, I participated in a study abroad field project with Dr. Scott Fitzpatrick in Palau, a group of islands in Micronesia. For five weeks in August and September, we carried out excavations at three different prehistoric sites throughout Palau, working with material dating up to 3,000 years old. Since attending the Palau field school, I have worked as a lab assistant in the University’s Island and Coastal Archaeology Lab, where I have helped to process the material acquired in Palau. I hope to begin work on my own research in the Island and Coastal Lab starting in the Fall.

My interest in island archaeology is two­fold. For one thing, island environments are some of the most fragile on the planet, and many island sites are being destroyed rapidly by rising sea level. There is a degree of urgency and stewardship in the field to find and conserve these sites. Additionally, the isolation of islands from one another provide a stark example of the way cultures develop and branch from one another over time. The people living on one island always came from another island, but rarely is their culture the same as the one they left behind.

For more information on my work in research, or on other opportunities like those mentioned here, email me at:
Enjoy the rest of your Summer! ­


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