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Our Anthropology Alumni

Family, Friends, Faculty, and Graduates at Spring Commencement

In the almost 80 years of Anthropology at the UO, and near 60 years that this department has been granting Ph.D.s, there are numerous alumni who have gone on to contribute to their communities, their nations, and their world in ways made possible by their experiences at the University of Oregon. Whatever level of education completed, in the past our graduates have used their anthropological training to help facilitate communication between groups, improve conditions for communities and their inhabitants, work in national parks, conduct behavioral research of human and nonhuman primates in many settings, gather research on human and nonhuman primate epidemiological issues around the world, and work on archaeological sites from Oregon to California’s Channel Islands to East Africa to China.

We are as proud of the achievements of our alumni today as we have been for the better part of a century, which is why we’ve highlighted some of them below, and included links to complete lists of our most recent graduates as well. Thank you to all our alums for making us look good.

Undergraduates at the UO

Head Undergraduate Advisor Diane Baxter and Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award Winner (2011) Sarah Quinn.

The diversity of experiences available at the University of Oregon means that our graduates come out well prepared to work in a variety of locales and to enter competitive graduate programs. The anthropology major is useful not only for those planning to go on to practice anthropology professionally, but also for careers in secondary education, international studies, social work, and other sciences or humanities. Anthropology grads find employment in business, social service organizations, non-profits, museums, political organizations, and education. Biological Anthropology students may find work in laboratories and Archaeology students have found work at the Forest Service and doing contract archaeology. Cultural Anthropology students have had jobs in adoption agencies and in political action jobs. Graduates of our program have gone on to graduate school in anthropology, medical school, and law school.

To learn more about our undergraduate program, click here.

Recent Notable Undergraduate Students

Amy Atwater: 2011 Summer internship at Arches National Park

Sarah Quinn: 2011 Anthropology Undergraduate Paper of the Year Award, for “Justice in the Highlands: Women, Community Organizing, and Solidarity in Rural Guatemala.” (Advisor: Lynn Stephen)

View commencement announcements for a complete listing of Anthropology graduates by year.

Graduate Students at the UO

Faculty at Spring Commencement

The UO Department of Anthropology’s graduate program offers a Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in Anthropology, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Anthropology. Our graduate program attracts outstanding students from across the nation and around the world. Students in the program work closely with a primary advisor, who supervises their graduate training through formal coursework and supervised research and teaching activities. These collaborative relationships sprout innovative research projects, conference discussions, and learning opportunities. Many graduates of our Ph.D. program go on to teach at the university level, run projects and head research teams, conduct anthropological studies all over the globe, and are financed by top-tier granting agencies.

To learn more about our graduate program, click here.

Recent Notable Graduate Students

Aaron Ennis, B.S. 2008, Anthropology. Currently Archaeologist, Minerals program, Bureau of Land Management, Medford Oregon District.

Carley Smith, M.S. 2010, Archaeology. Currently Archaeologist, Grants Pass Resource Area, Bureau of Land Management, Medford Oregon District.

Terrance Christian, B.S. 2009, Archaeology. Currently Archaeologist, Abandoned Mine Lands program, Bureau of Land Management, Medford Oregon District

Jennifer Erickson, Ph.D. 2010, Asst. Professor, Department of Anthropology, Ball State University, Muncie IN.
Research in the United, States, Bosnia, and Southern Sudan on citizenship, the state, refugees/immigrants./minorities, race, and gender. Click here to learn more about Dr. Erickson’s research.

Nicholas Malone, Ph.D. 2007, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Click here to learn more about Dr. Malone’s research.

To view individual graduates and their thesis/dissertation topics, click here.