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Ritual Healing and the Spiritual Experiences: An Evolutionary Approach to Shamanism


Student Researchers Seek to be the Change

Students pursue their passion for environmental concerns through an eclectic range of majors

There’s more than one way to study a human being. A biologist, for example, would zero in on our physical bodies. A social scientist might concentrate on our relationships. A humanist? How we think, ...

UO researcher sees troubling pattern in genes of Tanzanian monkeys

An endangered monkey species in Tanzania is living in geographical pockets that are becoming isolated from one another. The situation, researchers say, is mostly driven by the monkeys’ proximity to villages and the deliberate burning of forests to make way for crops and pastures. An ...

Melissa Liebert recipient of 2015 Stern Barnett Fellowship Award

The Awards Committee would like to announce that Melissa Liebert has received this year’s Stern Barnett Fellowship. Melissa will be able to use this fellowship to teach her own course. Congratulations Melissa!

Noah Simons awarded NSF Grant

Noah Simons was awarded a $29,000 grant from the NSF for his Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant proposal entitled, “Regulation of Immune Gene Expression and Disease Susceptibility in the Ugandan Red Colobus.” Congratulations Noah!

Poet & New Anthropology Professor Ana Lara to Give Public Performances This Weekend

LANDLINES: A PUBLIC PERFORMANCE BY POET ANA-MAURINE LARA On Saturday August 22 and Sunday August 23, 2015, Ana-Maurine Lara, winner of the Oregon Arts Commission Joan Shipley Award, will perform LANDLINES, a public event exploring the ideas home and homeland in Eugene. The Sephardic ...

CAS Article: Switching Majors, Finding Her Passion

Maureece Levin awarded post-doc position

Congratulations to Reece for being awarded a post-doc position at Stanford University, where she will continue to pursue her paleobotany research, starting in the fall!

GenEd Renaissance, Episode II: The Redesign Continues

Part two of the series on the redesign of the General Education curriculum is now available for students and the public to view here. For part one and more information on the GenEd Renaissance, please visit the General Education Renaissance website.

Jon Erlandson to appear in “First Peoples” on Oregon Public Broadcasting

Dr. Jon Erlandson will be appearing in “First Peoples,” the first part of a five-part series on current theories of the arrival of humans across the various continents, at 2am tonight. Click here to learn more.
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