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Indigenous and Minoritized Groups

Zapotec family describing herbal remedies, Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca. Photo: Lynn Stephen (2006)

encompasses issues facing indigenous and minoritized groups such as globalization, health care, school curricula, and management of archaeological sites and cultural heritage. We foster indigenous scholarship (both undergraduate and graduate), and promote collaborative relationships such as those between the academy and tribal and local community stakeholders.

Research, Projects, and Organizations


Faculty Courses Taught
Brian Klopotek Anth 4/507 Ethnohistory
Lynn Stephen Anth 4/510 Latin American Society and Development
Anth 329 U.S. Immigration and Farmworkers
Anth 310 Indigenous Immigrants in Oregon
Anth 325 The Americas: Indigenous Perspectives
Anth 433 Native Central Americans
Philip W. Scher Anth 280 Introduction to Language and Culture
Anth 326 Caribbean Societies
Anth 4/511 Politics, Ethnicity and Nationalism
Anth 4/510 Anthropology of Tourism
Lamia Karim Anth 4/552 Colonialism and Anthropology
Terry O’Nell Anth 320 Native North Americans
Carol Silverman Anth 4/510 Roma (Gypsies in Film)
Anth 4/530 Balkan Society and Folklore
Anth 4/529 Jewish Ethnography and Folklore
Diane Baxter Anth 310 Peoples of the Middle East
Anth 161 World Cultures
JdSt 340 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Larry Sugiyama Anth 330 Hunters and Gatherers
Anth 4/534 Native South Americans
Stephen Wooten Anth 4/510 Postcolonial Africa
Anth 327 Anthropological Perspectives on Africa
Madonna Moss Anth 4/542 Northwest Coast Archaeology
Anth 4/543 North American Archaeology
Anth 4/549 Cultural Resources Management
Aletta Biersack Anth 234 Pacific Island Societies
Doug Kennett Anth 352 The Ancient Maya
Anth 4/510 Ancient Mesoamerica
William Ayres Anth 343 Pacific Islands Archaeology