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Identity, Heritage, and Globalization

This focus area encompasses the politics of culture, nationalism and transnationalism, folklore, tourism, and popular culture, performance and political economic change both in the modern world and historically. We investigate the different dimensions of identity including gender, race and ethnicity in a variety of contexts such as international development and political organizations, festivals, rituals, museums and state and local governments. We examine cultural heritage and cultural resource management as well as globalization and culture contact in both pre-historic and contemporary contexts such as migration and displacement.

Participating Faculty

  • Dr. Diane Baxter
  • Dr. Aletta Biersack
  • Dr. Stephen Dueppen
  • Dr. Daphne Gallagher
  • Dr. Lamia Karim
  • Dr. Madonna Moss
  • Dr, Phillip Scher
  • Dr. Carol Silverman
  • Dr. Lynn Stephen
  • Dr. Lawrence Sugiyama