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Student Feature: Carly Pate

Primate Osteology Lab Feature: Carly Pate!

Primate Osteology Lab volunteer Carly Pate just returned from collecting data at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Carly’s research focuses on understanding how urbanization affects raccoon body weight. Carly uses cranial ...

Department Head quoted in the New York Times

Department Head quoted in the New York Times!

Dr. Frances White, the Head of the Anthropology Department, has been quoted in an article from the NY Times on female Bonobo behavior. “We’re equally related to chimps and bonobos, and we have their entire range of behavioral variation available to ...

Congratulations Tobin!

Tobin Hansen’s paper, “Legal Citizenship and Social Belonging: Criminal Aliens and Deportation to Mexico,” was selected for honorable mention for the ALLA (Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists) Graduate Student Paper Award. The selection committee was impressed with the ...

UO Anthropology Club Feature: Connor Thorud

Hello all! My name is Connor Thorud, and I am the Public Relations Representative for the Undergraduate Anthropology Club. I work to manage our Facebook page and to create our fliers and other promotional materials. I am an archaeology major, focusing on island archaeology. During the summer of ...

Congratulations Dr. Waller!

Dr. Waller’s new book breaks down the subtleties of issues such as habitat loss and bushmeat hunting by going deeper into human motivations, critiques human behavior in zoos and looks at the factors leading to ape attacks on humans in the wild, and brings humans into account as part of the ...

Congratulations Dr. Fitzpatrick!

The Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology (Routledge/Taylor & Francis), founded and co-edited by Scott M. Fitzpatrick, will move from three to four issues per year beginning in 2017. JICA currently ranks in the top quartile in five different categories in the SCImago journal ranking ...

Spring 2016 Commencement

On June 13, 2016, University of Oregon Department of Anthropology graduated 32 minors, 84 majors, 2 MA candidates, 5 MS candidates and 3 PhD candidates. Congratulations, graduates! Professor Philip W. Scher delivered the commencement address; Anthropology and a Future of Tolerance, taking a moment ...

Nikki Cox receives two research awards!

Doctoral cultural anthropology student Nikki Cox received a $500 Summer Research Award from the Folklore Program, where she is earning a concurrent MA. She also received $300 from the UO Graduate School. Nikki is doing fieldwork on the Pacific Crest Trail related to her project on wilderness and ...

Spring Term Anthropology Colloquia and Anthropology Sponsored Events

Associate Professor Lamia Karim May 27: Symposium on Female Labor in the Global South Lamia Karim (Anthropology), Eileen Otis (Sociology), Carla Freeman (Anthropology and Women’s Studies, Emory University), and Ching Kwan Lee (Sociology, UCLA) 10:00 am-12:00 pm, Room TBA       ...

Luther S. and Dorothy C. Cressman Prize Competition and Malcolm McFee Memorial Endowment Award 2015-16

We are happy to announce our selection for the Cressman Prize and McFee Award 2015-16, on the behalf of the Student Award Committee, Larry Sugiyama and Kirstin Sterner.   Cressman Prize: James Daria Paper submitted: The conviviality of the Fandango: alterity, relationality, and performative ...
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